Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Podcast: The sermon by Rev. Jeanne Randall-Bodman presented on Sunday, May 19, 2019

“Love is obviously not just the tender feelings that the word evokes… And as both Jesus’ command to love and the story from the Acts of the Apostles makes clear, it is not enough to love the ones we already like and feel drawn to, the ones we feel kinship and identity with, the ones who fill us automatically with feelings of warmth and tenderness. It isn’t enough to love just the ones who belong to our group, our religion, or state or region or country; the ones who speak our language and get our jokes, understand our cultural references. The love that Jesus calls his disciples us to, the love that the Spirit called Peter to, that love has no boundaries.”

Liberating Words:

John 13: 31-35
Acts 11: 1-18


Duration: about 17 minutes

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