Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Together is a good place to be!


For many years the Northwest Pilot Project NWPP conducted a Walk-a-Thon as their annual fundraiser, and KMUCC has participated enthusiastically, often being the top-earning team. Whole families turned out to walk the route in the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland, and enjoyed the live music, food, and camaraderie. Then came the pandemic, and virtual walk-a-thons just didn’t engender the same excitement.

Now NWPP is trying something different: the Hootenanny Virtual Fundraiser event. Throughout the month of April 2024, participants are asked to register individually at Hootenanny 2024 under the Kairos-Milwaukie UCC Team, choose a goal, and report the pledges they have obtained.

You will also be asked to make reservations for the event on May 5th at 1:00 pm when all registered participants and their families are invited to Oaks Park for the Hootenanny. Totals will be announced, and there will be rides, lunch, and prizes.

It’s going to be a HOOT!