Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Programs and Activities at Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Presenting the Congregational Care Team Ministry

Louise Beauchamp, Chair

The Congregational Care Team was set up several years ago to share prayer concerns of people in the KMUCC family, to make sure that no one is forgotten, and that members’ needs are met. We meet with Pastor Jeanne on the last Sunday of each month in the library/classroom after the worship service and coffee hour. We commit to confidentiality and caring acts of kindness.

The Care Team has taken on the new responsibility of setting up a phone tree for staying in touch with every member of the congregation during these disconnected times of sheltering. Calls are being made by all Team members. It has been rewarding for both the callers and the called.

What we are doing during the “isolations”

We are walking

Mica Richards

We are getting outside as often as possible. We have recently been enjoying the Canby Logging Road Hike. It’s 3.5 miles of paved trail. Great for bicycles, walking your dog, and smiling at lots of wonderful people from a safe distance. When we can’t be outside, we’re enjoying a bit of spring inside with spring-inspired crafts and fresh flowers.

We are adopting a pet

Kathy Anderson

RuthieI was blessed, on the Friday before the Governor’s order, by receiving a rescue dog that I had been waiting for for a couple of weeks. Ruthie is tiny—just 10 pounds—and I was pretty focused on her for that whole weekend and beyond, because she was very fearful and wanted to do nothing but hide. Of course, she had had a traumatic week—being transported here from out of state, staying two days with one family and then going to a foster family where she endured three baths and a grooming in two days. A trip to the vet where they did unspeakable things to her was followed by a trip in the car to my house, another new place where she didn’t know what to expect.

What little I know about her previous home is that she lived with a hoarder. I picture her trapped in a house filled with all kinds of stuff—plenty of places to hide—and possibly never going outside but peeing and pooping wherever she wanted. Here, with her hiding under the bed or behind the sofa, this meant that I couldn’t monitor her peeing and pooping, which is a problem in a rental apartment, but each day has gotten better. She still likes to go behind the sofa, but will come out to follow me around, which means it’s good for me to be up and active. She is especially fearful of the great outdoors, so I’ve gotten a front pack and I can carry her on our walks.

I’m hoping that eventually she will become more comfortable being outdoors, and we can use the grass instead of pee pads! We’re working on Sit-Stay.

Ruthie (named for Ruth Bader Ginsburg) has been a blessing to me in so many ways, giving me something to focus on besides myself, and getting me outside more often. She is only about a year old, so I look forward to many happy years with her.

Writing music and singing

Johnette Orpinella, submitted by a friend

(To be sung to the Gilbert and Sullivan tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” – or read it aloud to get the full benefit.)

I am the very model of effective social distancing!
I listen to the experts on the topic of resistance-ing;
I know that brunch and yoga class aren’t nearly as imperative
As doing what I can to change the nation’s viral narrative.

I’m very well acquainted, too, with living solitarily
And confident that everyone can do it temporarily:
Go take a walk, or ride a bike, or dig into an unread book;
Avoid the bars and restaurants and carry out, or learn to cook.

There’s lots of stuff to watch online while keeping safe from sinus ills.
(In this case, it’s far better to enjoy your Netflix MINUS chills)!
Adopt a pet, compose a ballad, write some earnest doggerel,
And help unseat Trump before our next event inaugural.

Pandemics are alarming, but they aren’t insurmountable
If everybody pitches in to hold ourselves accountable.
In short, please do your part to practice prudent co-existence-ing,
And be the very model of effective social distancing!

J. Wesley Brown, creating and singing

This just in from the “When life gives you lemons make…” department. The videos were recorded in our living room.

“I’ve Never Been Interned Before”



“Social Distance Blues”