Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Newsletter2020 06 500x500I am wisdom!
I am with you.
I am a light that will never grow dim.
Love me, and you will see me.
Look for me and you will find me.
At the slightest indication of your
desire for me,
I will make myself known to you.
Watch for me at the very start
of what you are about and
you will have no trouble.
You will find me ever present
in your midst;
Even thinking about my
presence will help you.
Be aware of my presence,
My concern, my willingness
to inspire and instruct you.
As you meet with each other
See me here in your midst…
in you … in all of you.

-- Wisdom 6: 11 – 16 --

Our conference minister shared that beautiful paraphrase from the book of Wisdom with a group of Central Pacific Conference UCC clergy meeting (via zoom, of course) to think about how our churches should be phasing forward as the pandemic news develops.

That feels so long ago now…. back when we thought all we had to consider was the best way to keep people safe from one deadly disease. The truth, uncovered by this health and financial crisis, is that America has always been facing another deadly virus: the virus of white supremacy. Since that meeting, George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police went viral. Somehow, we as a country can no longer turn away from the violence against black people that is woven right though every chapter of our American history.

Now we have a moment. A Kairos moment. A moment rich with meaning and possibility.

Now, while the pandemic is keeping us from gathering in person in our building, we have a moment to rediscover and reinvent what it means to be in a covenanted relationship as church together. So when we come back, we come back dancing!

Now, while our hearts are broken open by the news of George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, we have a moment to decide how we will live our faith.

The world is overwhelming, and it tells us the lie that if we let go of the way things have always been done, we will suffer an irrevocable loss. But we believe in a God of resurrection and transformation. New life is always possible. And Wisdom – God’s Holy Sophia- is just waiting for us to turn to her in desire. As we move into summer, still physically apart, let’s keep drawing together on our forward into new life, new commitment to justice and ever new hope.