Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Image: © iStock.com / Oleksandr Hruts (Image ID# 1208208074)Due to continuing social distancing requirements, Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ will not gather in person for worship or other events until further notice. Our church building is closed. Updates will be posted here as more information is available.

We will present a live worship experience every Sunday morning at 10:00 am by video streaming on ZOOM.
See the Worship Streams section of our website for details.

In these anxious days, let’s remember to pause at the end of each day, breathe deeply, rest in the presence of the Great Love and hold each other in the light.

Updated: 7/18/2020 at 8:07 am


Photo: (c) iStock.com / tirlikk (image #863905204)December Doings

The month of December is usually full of activity, and this one is as busy as ever.
The Bazaar on the 9th is preceded by a “greening of the church” on the 8th.
On Friday the 14th, we open the church to a lunch and conference of the conference’s Wider Church Ministry, sponsored by the Palestine Israel Network.
On the 16th the magnificent Vivaldi Gloria will enliven our worship service.
Also, the Council will meet on the 16th, with Vivaldi ringing in our ears, to discuss priorities for our 2019 budget.
On the 23rd we will have a soup luncheon hosted by the Council, followed by a Chimes and Carols service at noon.
All of this is part of celebrating the advent of the birth of the one in whose honor we engage in these worshipful activities and more.


We run on energy. Part of the energy of the congregation comes from having the financial resources to serve and survive. We are still running a deficit, but it is shrinking, so keep up the good giving! Other energy comes from the tangible ways we touch the lives of each other and the wider community. Our Council provides guidance and structure to channel this energy; we, the congregation, provide the energy to channel.

Solar power is becoming a new, popular source of energy. This congregation, however, also gains energy from a different Star that appeared 2,018 years ago and energizes us and the world even today. Guided by that Star, may we all have the merriest of Christ’s Masses and the happiest of a bright New Year!