Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

PACE March 2021

i am a little church (no great cathedral) …
i do not worry if longer nights grow longest;
i am not sorry when silence becomes singing

winter by spring, i lift my diminutive spire to
merciful Him Whose only now is forever:
standing erect in the deathless truth of His presence
(welcoming humbly His light and proudly His darkness)


This month we reach the one-year anniversary of our “temporary” life together on-line. 

When we first closed the building to worship and most other activities, we thought it would be a few weeks, that we might be over the worst of the pandemic in time to celebrate Easter in our sanctuary. Then we hoped that we’d be more or less “back to normal” by the end of the summer.   Now, as more and more of us receive our vaccines and rate of new infections continues to drop, it is wonderful to think that before too many more months have passed, we WILL be meeting together in our beautiful church building.

It is tempting to imagine that soon things will be “just as they were” when we were last together.  But some things will not come back immediately – it may be many months ‘til we can greet each other with hugs and sing out with gusto during worship.

And some things will never be the same. 

We lost our dear, beloved acolyte Chris Martin to COVID-19.  

We’ve all endured a year without the incalculable blessing of each other’s physical presence.

Cedar Tree Preschool, which was going through a transition, was not able to withstand the loss of a full year and will not be back. 

As we return to our building, it may be tempting to assuage these losses by trying to get back to what was as quickly and as exactly as possible.  Going back in time is impossible of course, but more than that, I think the Spirt is calling us forward, to new life together.  Are there things that we need to let go of so we can use our energy for something new? Is there a project you feel called to invite the community into? A class you would like to teach? We will look for a new partner to share our building.  Perhaps another preschool. But if that is not what is needed in our neighborhood, perhaps something altogether different.  

Once we’re in our building again, we’ll continue to worship on Sunday mornings at 10 -- both in person and on Zoom.  Are there other times and types of worship, prayer, or meditation you feel hungry for?

We are a little church.  But we are a robust, imaginative, and Spirit-filled one too.  As we approach holy week and the great celebration of Easter, I invite us to imagine, pray, and talk together about where we feel the Spirit calling us, in our life together at 4790 SE Logus Road and across cyber space.