Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Moderator Musings for December 2020

Last month, I said that by December we're shining lots of light, and indeed we are, through Advent candles, Christmas tree lights, home displays, and, of course, the Star. 

Let There Be Light

We need all the light we can get.  It has been a dark year. December is the month where darkness begins to recede, turning at solstice from darker to lighter days.  November's advent hope joins with peace, joy, love celebrating the Light of the World lying in a manger.  Great events from humble beginnings.

And so it is with our humble church.  This is the month we look to the future, as our Council forms a budget.  That's a mundane term for what we truly form:  a statement of survival and stability, a financial and faithful commitment to continuing this community in money and members, dedicated to communion with a great light shining in a simple manger, shining still in the dark world of today.  It's what we do.