Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Photo: © iStock.com / olegagafonov (Image ID# 1166164823)A Reflection for November 2020

As I write this the national election is still a week away and many of us are living in a state of high anxiety about the future of our country.  In the wake of the recent supreme court appointment, many in the LGBTQ community are scared about losing the legal protections that have been the result of so many years of work and belief.  And many of us are just worn out by the pandemic and all the losses, large and small, it has caused.

But no matter what happens next week; no matter what rulings get handed down by the supreme court, no matter how long COVID restrictions are in place, we will have our life together, committed to Christ’s way of mercy and justice.  Do not let go of hope!  We are not alone.  The God who created us is with us, and has given us a great cloud of witnesses to cheer, console and encourage us.

During November I invite you to spend a few minutes every day thinking about the saints in your life.  Give thanks for them, and if you are so moved, tell about them.

Nov 1 - One who mentored you in your profession

Nov 2 - Helped you deepen your spirituality

Nov 3 - Gave tangible help during a difficult time

Nov 4 - Founded an institution or movement that is important to you

Nov 5 - Showed tough love

Nov 6 - Coached you as you grew in skill and confidence

Nov 7 - Led a group that was significant to your formation

Nov 8 - Treated you like a sibling

Nov 9 - Introduced you to grief by their loss

Nov 10 - Wrote something that deeply moved you

Nov 11 - Died before you could reconcile/reconnect, but with whom you are now at peace

Nov 12 - Introduced you to a new community

Nov 13 - Reminded you to see the world as a child

Nov 14 - Advocated for you

Nov 15 - Showed you something key about yourself or your values by being your adversary

Nov 16 - Gave you a tangible object that continues to inspire you

Nov 17 - Parented or grand-parented you

Nov 18 - Governed in a way that fostered trust and cooperation

Nov 19 - Took you somewhere lifechanging

Nov 20 - Made you feel seen in a time/place where you had been feeling invisible

Nov 21 - Trusted you with difficult but important knowledge

Nov 22 - Created art that speaks to your soul

Nov 23 - Let you ask your questions

Nov 24 - Pointed out your gifts

Nov 2 - Introduced you to a hobby

Nov 26 - Prayed for you

Nov 27 - Embodied the values you aspire to

Nov 28 - Disagreed with you but still loved you

Nov 29 - Supported you emotionally through a low point

Nov 30 - Helped you to laugh (lovingly) at yourself

Remember the great cloud of witnesses and take heart!