Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

We are Advocates for the Environment

The KMUCC Green Team

The KMUCC Green Team leads our efforts to be protectors of the environment.

Link: Take the UCC Environmental Justice Quiz

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Green Team Statement of Purpose

In partnership with God and in gratitude for God’s gifts, Kairos-Milwaukie UCC seeks to honor the integrity of creation, minimize our congregation’s impact on the environment, raise awareness of environmental and sustainability issues in the wider community, and advocate for the equitable distribution of resources throughout the world.



Photo: © iStock.com / Janine Lamontagne (image #9086577)KMUCC Green Team Tips for a Green Holiday Season

• A real Christmas tree – but if you have an artificial one already, keep using it
• Use LED lights
• Buy less – and buy eco-friendly items including non-object gifts like planned experiences, planting trees, charity donations
• Make your own holiday cards and ornaments
• Connect with Nature
• Choose eco-friendly wrapping paper, even the comics from the newspaper
• Don’t forget the food – sustainable and tasty, with minimal waste. Love leftovers.
• Calculate your carbon footprint, using a carbon footprint calculator like the one the University of California, Berkeley offers on its website.