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Image: © iStock.com / Janine Lamontagne (image #9086577)I was contemplating how these times have shaped my thinking, and one thing they’ve prompted is a lot of searching for good initiatives helping with climate change. I’ve compiled a little list, which is abbreviated here. Some of it may be of considerable use.

Rehydrate California


This organization of scientists and other stakeholders is working to combat drought in California by repairing water cycles. This work has obvious implications for the Northwest.



This is a Germany-based organization, and a hub to connect various local movements exploring post-capitalist alternatives to an economy based on perpetual growth.



Speaking of the Germans, Ecosia is web browser, founded by a German company, that uses a portion of its revenue to plant trees.

Carbon Neutral Now


Carbon Neutral Now is a UN initiative that allows individuals to purchase carbon credits to support alternative energy and carbon capture projects in the developing world. 

Carbon Engineering


This company is producing machines for direct air capture of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Billions in Change


This non-profit, founded and largely funded by billionaire Manoj Bhargava, aims to develop cheap, efficient solutions to provide for food, water, and energy needs of the developing world.

Texas Energy Lab: Moses West Brings Water to the Thirsty


Moses West has developed a condensation machine to provide fresh water to communities like Flint, Michigan.