Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Mary CrockerFrom the KMUCC Green Team Organizer, Mary Crocker, in her own words:

Being a member of the Kairos-Milwaukie green team has been a gift to me. We learn from each other, co-conspire to take on meaningful projects and just have fun. Anyone is welcome to join our Green Team. Our overall mission is simply to explore ideas and ways to protect our amazing and life-giving earth.

I believe the love of our natural world is embedded in our DNA and enhanced in the opportunities we have to witness and explore nature. I spent most of my early years roaming in the hills above my home in Pendleton, unblocking creeks, running in the fields and stepping over rattlesnakes. During this pandemic, I look for hills to climb every day to marvel at what I witness and to refresh my soul.

Both of my children share my passion for nature. When the Green Team received a grant for a church pollinator garden, my son, Rian, was instrumental in designing and planting the two native gardens. He is a gifted native landscaper and is currently the groundskeeper for the Gladstone School District. Brenna buys huge bags of critter mix and has turned our plant-filled yard into a wildlife refuge. We actually had three skunks and three raccoons in our backyard at the same time this summer.

During these tumultuous days, remember to take the time to breathe in nature and marvel at the beauty and bounty of early fall.

A Green Team tip:

Local libraries have this wonderful collection called “The Library of Things.” Instead of buying and having items shipped, there are dozens of things to check out such as food dehydrators, tools and puzzles. Give it a try.